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Note: This list records the status of the Taxonomy AHG work, it is not an approved deliverable of IDESG

Term Status
Anonymous Concept
Anonymity Concept
Anonymize Concept
Anonymous Interaction Taxonomy AHG Consensus
Applicant Concept
Attribute MC Approved
Attribute Name Coming Up
Attribute Value Coming Up
Attribute Provider Coming Up
Authentication MC Approved
Authentication Token Concept
Benefit Concept
Claimant Concept
Credential MC Approved
Credential Binding Concept
Credential Service Provider Coming Up
Digital Identity MC Approved
Entity MC Approved
Fair Value Exchange Concept
Functional Concept
Functional Model Concept
Human Attribute Comcept
Human Capability Comcept
Identifier MC Approved
Identity Concept
Identity Proofer Coming Up
Identity Ecosystem Concept
Identity Ecosystem Framework Concept
Identity Federation Concept
Identity Proofer Coming Up
Identity Proofing Concept
Identity Provider Coming Up
Identity Repository Concept
Logical Token Concept
Model Concept
Named Identifier Concept
Person Concept
Persona Concept
Persona Information Concept
Physical Token Concept
Pseudonymous Identifier Coming Up
Pseudonymous Identity Under discussion
Pseudonymous Interaction Taxonomy AHG Consensus
Registration Authority Concept
Relying Party Coming Up
Social Cooperation Concept
Sponsor Concept
Subscriber Concept
Token MC Approved
Trust Framework Concept
Verification Concept
Verifier Concept

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