Access Control in Special Ed Use Case

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Title: Access Control in Special Education
Use Case Description: Customize access restrictions for students.

Use Case Category:

Contributor: Clayton Lewis (with input from JJ Hanley)

Use Case Details


  • Special education student
  • Special education teacher
  • Parent

Goals: Permit student, teacher, and parent to establish what online content the student is authorized to access.
Assumptions: The school has a blanket access control policy, that may be quite restrictive. Special education students have Individual Education Plans for which online access can be crucial.
Requirements: Modifications to the blanket school policy should be permitted, but only with agreement from student, teacher, and parent. This entails reliably establishing who the parent (or guardian) is.
Process Flow:

Success Scenario:

Error Conditions:

  • School policy can't be modified, even with agreement of teacher and parent.
  • Student receives approval from bogus "parent" (This has happened in current systems.)


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