April 17, 2014 Meeting Page

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Meeting Date: April 17, 2014


  • Adam Madlin
  • Ann Racuya-Robbins
  • Chan Lin
  • Mike Garcia
  • Ryan Galluzzo
  • Seetharama Durbha
  • Steve Orrin
  • Suzanne Lightman

Meeting Notes

  1. Roll call; Quorum determination
  2. IPR policy reminder -
  3. Note taking volunteer – Adam Madlin taking notes
  4. Review agenda – Ann requested opportunity to review Underserved Use Case gap analysis; Will put on next week’s agenda
  5. Meeting time change – Adam suggested that this meeting change times to start at 1 PM ET regularly, due to a new weekly conflict that he has at 2 PM ET. All that attended indicated that they were OK with the change. Will hold next week’s meeting at 1 PM ET, and then determine if can change permanently.
  6. Committee leadership election, coming up – Adam informed everyone that the committee leadership annual term is up in May, and made a call for interested committee new leadership . Adam expressed his interest in continuing as the committee chair. Sal, as vice-chair, will provide his feedback soon Any interested committee members, that desire an opportunity to address the committee, should submit their interest. A new committee secretary is also available and necessary. Adam reminded the committee that any of these roles requires some additional time and focus to perform the position. Adam would like assistance in planning and running the meetings, which will take some time.
  7. Adam’s additional comments:
    • Adam wants to take some time to consider our path forward, so that we’re all aligned and empowered to be most effective.
    • Adam wants to best align with new framework plan, that has been proposed and presented at the recent plenary, by Kim Sutherland and Peter Brown, which should be made available over the next several weeks.
    • Adam reminded all that with his new Management Council role, he can better represent the committee and any issues or concerns. Please let him know anything issues that need addressing.
  8. Review and finalize new functional model proposal
    • Spend most of the rest of the meeting discussing the new functional model proposal submitted by Mike Garcia and Ryan Galluzzo.
    • Ryan provided an overview of the proposal, describing what it is and what it isn’t. Note, it’s the model of the overall ecosystem and not performing standards or governance activities. It’s also not the IDESG, it’s what participants would be involved with.
    • Mentioned that once the model is more developed, the standards and TFTM committees will be included and collaborated with on further progress.
    • Discussed questions re assumptions, privacy (every function includes privacy requirements), how it’s documented, etc.
    • Discussed next actions on this.
  9. Update on Attribute AHG – Adam is looking for feedback on how best to get the Attribute group the focus and attention it requires.
  10. Other business - none
  11. Wrap up and next actions


  • Complete any additional use case analyses – Underserved, Remote Identity Proofing, etc.
  • Complete review of Functional Model proposal. Submit any additional questions.
  • Review and discuss the new IEF plan to contribute and make sure that the Security Committee agrees with the plan and make sure the resources and capabilities to be successful are in place.
  • With no additional questions or issues, the next step is to consider how to proceed with the proposal, develop the plan. We can at a minimum determine the next few steps, and this proposal provides a plan and or framework.

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