April 23, 2015 Meeting Page

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Meeting Date: April 23, 2015


  • Adam Madlin
  • Ann Racuya-Robbins
  • Christopher Spottiswoode
  • Lee Aber
  • Linda Braun, Global Inventures
  • Ryan Galluzzo
  • Mary Ellen Condon

Meeting Notes

  • Adam Madlin led the call. Notes taken by Linda Braun
  • General Updates
    • Approval of meeting notes for April 2 and April 9 pushed to the next meeting.
    • RSA is going on this week. There is a two-hour session going on after the Security Committee call, Making Strong Authentication Ubiquitous, that Adam thought people might be interested in listening to. Adam will send the dial-in information to the listserv.
    • Adam is not available to chair the Security Committee meeting next week (April 30). Ryan will host the call in Adam’s absence.
    • Adam has received some nominations for the Security Committee leadership roles. Nomination period is open until April 30.
    • All Chairs meeting update: The brief meeting covered committee chair updates and was a short meeting given that a number of people normally on the call are at RSA. There was good feedback on the Virtual Plenary meeting, which included good attendance, good topics and use of WebEx.
    • Attribute work. Adam acknowledged that he and Jerry Kickenson haven’t received any pushback about this topic. There is an increasing level of interest. Jerry and Adam will lead this work until the new committee is approved and ready to take over.
  • Security Committee Self-Assessment Guide. Ryan put together an overview of what is available in the market that includes title, description, and links on testing and assessment guides on the topic of information security. Adam will post and send out the link to Ryan’s spreadsheet. Questions or comments should be sent to Ryan and the list will be discussed at next week’s meeting. This will probably turn into something larger than just an assessment guide on Security. UXC is considering doing some kind of similar guide. TFTM has discussed as a larger deliverable. Comment was made to use one (IDF) acronym for the guide to lessen confusion.
  • Wrap up and actions for next week
    • Next meeting April 30, 2015

Action Items

  • Adam to send out Self-assessment Guide spreadsheet Ryan put together

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