August 21, 2014 Meeting Page

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Meeting Date: August 21, 2014


  • Adam Madlin
  • Adam Migus
  • Ann Racuya-Robbins
  • Cathy Tilton
  • Christopher Spottiswoode
  • Joe Stuntz
  • Martin Smith
  • Mike Garcia
  • Paul Grassi
  • Robert Faron
  • Ryan Galluzzo
  • Sal D’Agostino
  • Suzanne Lightman

Meeting Notes

  • Notes taken by Adam Migus
  1. Roll call; Quorum determination
  2. IPR policy reminder -
  3. Administrative
    • Madman noted that he, Migus and Cathy Tilton are calling in from the NPO office today and that we are here doing Plenary planning.
    • Last week’s minutes were approved
  4. Priorities and Work
    • The current Functional Model document is under review by the Privacy Committee. There were some questions raised and answered. It is anticipated that the review will be completed in time to incorporate any suggested changes and pass the result along to the Management Council with enough lead time to keep us on track to approve it at the Plenary.
      • our top priority as a committee will be to accept and incorporate those changes without delay
      • time will be allocated on the agenda as needed to achieve that result
    • Our overall priorities are
      • Submission and approval of the current functional model
      • Requirements WG products
      • Reference Example WG products
      • Work on the next version of the functional model
    • Management Council guidance on work items and priorities is expected eminently, however, we do not expect the guidance to include any different or unexpected work
  5. Functional Model Discussion
    • there was discussion of the relationship between the Functional Model, the reference examples, the self-attestation/compliance program and ultimately the product(s) of the IDESG. The key points were:
      • It is a base document that informs the work of all committees
      • It is meant to enable ecosystem participants to describe solutions
      • It is not meant to define particular solutions or prescribe how they are implemented
    • Madman explained that he’s updated the Functional Model wiki page as requested by the committee, with a preamble and a link to the page which will contain items for the next iteration
    • committee members with items that they think should be included in the next iteration were asked to either:
      • Start a discussion on the mailing list if they want to have discussion about the item before proposing that it be included or,
      • Write-up and send a one-pager to Madman if they are comfortable proposing it without discussion
      • Madman listed 3 such topics from his notes:
        • Provenance binding from Richard O’Brien
        • Data Marking from Martin
        • Federation from Sal
        • Martin mentioned that we forgot to include Trust Framework Providers
  6. Working Group Updates
    • Seetharama is back from vacation so in tomorrow’s Reference Example (a.k.a. Interaction Model) meeting he will be talking about his vision for the group and seeking input which he will take as guidance and use to formulate a scope and plan.
    • In Monday’s Requirements group meeting we allot some time to discuss Mike’s requirements presentation and we will go through Ryan’s requirements spreadsheet.


  • Madman will continue to tend the Functional Model approval process
  • Martin will start a discussion about Data Marking on the mailing list
  • Sal will do the same for Federation

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