August 28, 2014 Meeting Page

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Meeting Date: August 28, 2014


  • Adam Madlin
  • Ann Racuya-Robbins
  • Bob Faron
  • Christopher Spottiswoode
  • Jerry Kickenson
  • Linda Braun, Inventures
  • Martin Smith
  • Mike Garcia
  • Sal D'Agostino
  • Sean Brooks
  • Seetharama Durbha
  • Steve Orrin
  • Suzanne Lightman

Meeting Notes

  • Notes taken by Ryan Galluzzo
  • The privacy committee completed its initial review of the functional mode; the committee discussed the privacy committee report.
    • All comments were disposed of
    • Adam will return the dispositions to the Privacy Committee and advance the updated Functional Model to the MC for review.
    • The Privacy Committee will review the dispositions and vote at their meeting next Tuesday.
  • There will be a meeting of the Functional Example Subcommittee on Friday.
  • Monday’s Requirements subcommittee meeting was cancelled.


  • Adam will send the approved dispositions forward to the Privacy Committee as soon as possible.
  • Adam will update the functional model deliverable and send it forward to the Privacy Committee 12pm on Tuesday, September 2nd.

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