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IDESG Plenary Session: Big Data and Identity

Please join me for this informal Birds of a Feather hybrid online/in-person session to learn about and discuss implications of big data vis-a-vis trusted identities in cyberspace. This is my last planned session offering as IDESG Plenary Vice Chair, and is intended to provide an opportunity for IDESG members to get up to speed with and engage on the fast emerging economic, political and social identity-related drivers and inhibitors arising from increasing use and reliance upon Big Data.

The session will open with some brief remarks on the topic, including by IDESG Plenary Chair Bob Blakely. The discussion is expected to cover a lot of ground and surface views from many perspectives to introduce the Big Data topics to interested IDESG members and identify or spotlight important trends, open questions, potential problems, emerging opportunities and other material points of intersection with relevant IDESG work and other activities.

Join the Session Now (Why Wait?)

IDESG Chairs wishing to participate in the session and consider implications of this issue in the context of their committee should post their interest to the chairs list asap and I will ensure the topic is woven into the session.

IDESG members wishing to seed the discussion with questions, comments or ideas about "Big Data and Identity" are invited to contact me directly (and please be sure to include the name or organizational affiliation that tracks to your IDESG membership so I can find you and be sure to reflect your contributions in this plenary session).

"'Anybody, including members of the general public wishing to contribute may tweet before and during the session with hashtag: #BigDataIdentity I will get to as many of your contributions as time allows.

More Context and Resources to Seed Discussion:

Plenary Vice Chair/Session Host Activities

Feel free to ask about any activities noted here before or during our session.

Big Data Privacy Book

IDESG Member Thomas Hardjono and I joined with MIT Professor Sandy Pentland and others to author a chapter in the upcoming book: "Privacy, Big Data, And The Public Good: Frameworks For Engagement" published by Cambridge University Press. I recommend review of the bookbook-promo.html editors and authors of the book discuss its contents on our kick-off Hangout overview chat, and if you find it of interest, please join us for the book launch event at NYU, June 16th to discuss the topics in-person with the authors and many experts assembled for the occasion.

Special Project:

To promote broader engagement and iterative online discussion, the BigDataDialog is about to be launched with a set of business, legal and technical partners and subject matter experts. The BigDataDialog program operates as a web tool featuring periodic Google Hangouts augmented by highly scalable MIT Media Lab "Unhangouts" and large-volume realtime and asynchronous idea contribution and rating methods. MIT may include the topic of Identity in the context of Big Data in the next Hangout in preparation for and to seed engagement in this session.

MIT Big Data Privacy and Legal Framework Initiatives

A roundup of recent and relevant happening at MIT can be found at the research page: . In addition to the above highlighted project, follow links at the general research page to the MIT CSAIL Big Data Privacy Workgroup and the MIT Big Data and Privacy Event co-hosted with the White House last month and other relevant happenings or activities.

United States Big Data Policy Review

The White House is currently engaged in a 90 day policy formation outreach initiative focused on big data and led by John Podesta, Counselor to the President. For more context on the relevant issues and current policy making process, please see:

Among other methods of outreach, the White House has posted a form for the public to provide feedback on big data and privacy:

White House Blog: Big Data and the Future of Privacy

Request for Comments on Big Data

OSTP Blog: Join the Conversation on Big Data and Privacy

Modes of Engagement

This session was proposed as a Google Hangout event and will leverage the production and public awareness efforts of MIT Media Lab's open engagement initiative (see above for more information). An page will also be set up by the MIT Media Lab to promote MIT internal and partner awareness and engagement.

The live video stream may also be broadcast publicly by Trusted Federal on behalf of the IDESG. Consistent with IDESG copyright policies the resulting Google Hangout video will be available under Creative Commons license via YouTube and expected to be archived at

For extra credit and/or shout-out kudos, join me in updating (initial ruminations shared in) the January 12th, 2014 blog post "[Big Data and Identity](" with a more complete, coherent and cross-cutting analysis generally, and specifically with new text providing links to and "relevance evaluation" of the [ClearButton Individual Identity and Personal Data Registry Service]( for Big Data Fair Information Practice Notices and Access. The MIT Media Lab LegalScience team is seeking to update the Big Data Identity blog post prior to this IDESG Plenary and if possible I will provide an updated link from this page. The blog post is published under Creative Commons license and will reflect new attributions to those who provide content incorporated into the next version or other helpful assistance.