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Consent Grant is a token niblet that can be passed from a user to a web site as proof of granting consent.


  • The wiki page is focused on the need for a user on the web to give some other party the ability to acquire access to their personal attributes.
  • Some examples of Consent Grant include:
  1. The system creates consent grant record - the person gets a receipt
  2. The person creates the consent grant record, the systems gets the receipt
  3. 3rd party gets the consent grant and gives both parties a receipt

Use Cases

  • TK


  • The user, also call a resource owner (RO), that has personal resources that can be conditionally shared with authorized web sites.
  • A valuable Resource that is hosted on a Resource Server (RS). (Typically data, but it could also be a service API.)
  • The Relying Party (RP) that requests access to the Resource from the user.


  • For this wiki the solution will be some sort of digital token niblet that identifies the subject and is signed by the subject private key.
  • The follows shows the elements of the niblet in json + jose({header}.{body}.{signature}) format that are included in the token.
  • The best practice for this token is to send it as a signed, but not encrypted jose formatted string with a JWS signature. This will allow the token to be embedded in the grant that is sent to a relying party by the user; and then on to the resource server.
Element Name Contents Explanation for category Cat
header key info required to validate the signature MUST
sub identifier of the RO the grantor of access MUST
puid Persistent Identifier of RO to handle recovery operation MAY
aud Identifier of the resource server Might be just a reference to data in an enclosing identity token MUST
scope Identifier of the resource to be shared array MAY
stipulation structure limits the scope of the grant MAY
exp Unix epoch date when consent expires MAY
jwk key of the sub (the signer) include by value or by ref MAY
signature JWS created by the sub's key MUST

If a puid is used, there must be some mechanism to bind the puid to the sub that is outside the scope of this document. That mechanism will need to handle the recovery of access where the sub's authenticator cannot be used for any reason.


  • See also wiki page on User Consent.
  • See also the wiki page on Delegation.
  • See also wiki page on Consent Receipt.
  • From Nat's 2020-07-27 presentation to Identivers: (with apologies to Glenn Gould)
So you want to base on Consent?
You've got the urge to base on Consent,
You've got the nerve to base on Consent,
So go ahead.

Many people seem to believe that having their customers pressing “Agree” button is good enough to collect their “consent”. That’s actually not the case. Obtaining privacy consent has very high bar partly because that is the exception mechanism that you can resort to only when other lawful bases for the processing of personal data does not work.

This session will briefly touch on other lawful bases and what is needed for potentially valid consent, then goes on to explain the requirements for privacy notice and consent process set out in “ISO/IEC 29184 Online privacy notices and consent”.