February 20, 2014 Meeting Page

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Meeting Date: February 20, 2014


  • Adam Madlin
  • Andrew Hughes
  • Ann Racuya-Robbins
  • Bev Corwin
  • Cathy Tilton
  • Chan Lim
  • Charles Palmer
  • Christopher Spottiswoode
  • Glenn Schoonover
  • Jonathan Rosenberg
  • Kate Kingberger
  • Mark C. Wallace
  • Mike Garcia
  • Ryan Galluzzo
  • Sal D'Agostino
  • Suzanne Lightman
  • Winthrop A Baylies


  1. Roll call; Completed an informal quorum calculation. Confirmed that we have quorum.
  2. IPR policy reminder -
  3. Review and edit agenda
  4. Review, update and approve meeting notes from last meeting
  5. Discussed Topics for Next Plenary - Adam led discussion, suggesting possible topics or approaches:
    • The Functional Model breakout meeting at the plenary will be a working session continuing current work
    • What about any presentations or joint meetings:
      • Without another plan, could present the state of work related to use case analysis relative to draft functional elements
      • Adam asks - Is there an opportunity for something else, something more?
        • Meeting on Interim ecosystem?
        • Something on the Security Evaluation Methodology
        • Other
  6. Ann requested that we keep the recording link for last week’s meeting available for at least another week
  7. Attribute AHG update
    • This AHG meets every other Friday
    • The goal remains an Attribute Practice Statement
    • They have a wiki page, and have completed a Terms of Reference
    • Had 7 attendees last week. Need some additional leadership support to make progress.
    • Adam shared that he will help to move this forward
  8. Use Case Analysis Feedback
    • Cathy Tilton shared feedback from the Standards Coordination Committee
      • Consider adding the creation of a Digital Identity under registration
      • Identity proofing could be under other core functions as well
      • Subfunctions could be aligned differently
      • Credentials and tokens need to be better classified
      • Federation and inter-federation are not included
      • Human actors are not included
      • Attributes could be at the top level, core function
  9. Use Case Analysis Discussion - this was constructive
    • Trust Elevation Use Case – Mark Wallace volunteered to review the progress that he made on his use case
      • Mark described his progress and identified issue areas that he found including, user agent,
      • It was mentioned that the included workflow diagram is from IMI, and might not be the best for this use case
      • This exercise helped the group to understand what their responsibilities for the use cases are so that they can make progress on their work
  10. Assignments for next week
  11. Other business – Anne requested to share a status on Attributes, see above
    • Everyone to brainstorm about presentation and approach for upcoming plenary
    • Everyone to make as much progress on their use case analysis
    • Will continue to review use case analysis results at next meeting, with a goal to make sufficient progress in time to have a complete (holistic) feedback session at the next plenary.

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