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In 2016, the IDESG Plenary organized the IDEF Functional Model Committee with representation from each of the IDESG subject-matter Committees to maintain and enhance the IDEF Functional Model. This page provides links to the ongoing work products of the IDEF Functional Model Committee.

The original Functional Model Version 1.0 was developed by the IDESG Security Committee. Please see Security#Functional_Model.

IDEF Functional Model Committee

Section Content
Functional Model Committee Deliverables This section holds formal output of the Functional Model Committee: Workgroup Final, Submitted to Board of Directors, Submitted to Plenary
Functional Model Committee Work Plan Space This section is the active working space of the Committee.
Functional Model Parking Lot This section has an informal list of items which need to be considered as the FM is revised.

IDEF Functional Model Committee Meeting Material (section needs updating)

Functional Model Committee Minutes Minutes arising from Committee meetings.
Functional Model Committee Meeting Attachments Link to material for discussion at Committee calls and meetings

The material here is to simplify access for meeting attendees - these copies are only for use during committee calls. If appropriate, the files will be posted in the document repository.