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This is the current process for managing all aspects of the future revisions of the IDE Functional Model

  • IDE Functional Model comment period is now open through January 9, 2015
    • Will gather input from the IDESG and external communities on topic areas and issues that should be considered for inclusion in the next version of the Functional Model.
    • Will Publish all comments on the Security wiki and enable interaction on those topics during the comment period. Implementing process to enable this.
  • Establish a target date for the release of the next version of the Functional Model. The current suggested target date is calendar Q3 2015.
  • Will establish a Functional Model working group, chartered by the Security Committee, to be responsible for executing on this plan. This working group will start meeting in January 2015, meeting frequency TBD. Recruit an IDESG and Security Committee member to lead this effort.
  • Institute improved processes to address issues that were discovered in the first version, including:
    • Implement a formal process and timeline for IDESG committee comments and feedback.
    • Consider external feedback to be considered.
    • Clarify the formal adoption process and timelines.
    • Other areas to be identified. Suggestions welcome.

This is the repository of topics that should be considered for future Functional Model deliverable versions

Here is the current list of items that have been contributed. They will be expanded upon here by the contributors:

  • Provenance Binding - Process by which an issuing authority binds true source of liability obligation (or lack thereof) of token and/or attribute information when binding such to a credential. [contributed by Richard O'Brien]
  • Datamarking
  • Federation and Interoperability
  • Time stamping - feedback from Healthcare Committee
  • Identity Federation
    • Definition: Process by which a token for a given user or entity is used to authenticate to multiple or inter-domain services.
    • Add this new function under Transaction Intermediation Core Operation.
    • Contributed by Steve Orrin
  • ADD Human User and Human User Agency
    • Contributed by Ann Racuya-Robbins
  • The Functional Model needs to be updated to clarify that the roles and functions such as IdP can be provided by anyone, an individual or an entity. This capability needs to be included in the security functional model requirements. (Contributed by Ann Racuya-Robbins)
  • Trust Framework Providers

Additional Comments for Consideration

  • Functional Model deliverable comments contributed by Ian Glazer