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Used in the Baseline Functional Requirements v1.0

"Credentialing" is defined in the IDEF Functional Model in part as a "Process to bind an established digital identity with a credential."

The Functional Model, published as a PDF here: download link, generally sorts core identity management operations into five categories of activities and services, including identity credentialing: a full description of this activity type can be found in that document. Among other things, the Functional Model sets forth the following table of functions included within "credentialing" in its Functional Elements Descriptions Matrix:

Credential Provisioning Process by which ownership of a credential is conferred, confirmed, or associated with a digital identity.
Token Binding Process of binding a physical or electronic token to a credential.
Attribute Binding Process of binding attributes to a credential.
Revocation Process by which an issuing authority renders a digital identity, issued credential, token, or verified attribute invalid for authentication or authorization.