InCommon Glossary

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Title: InCommon Glossary

Category: Trust Framework Provider Specification

Date: 3/18/2006

Creator: InCommon


Description: Definitions of terms for the InCommon trust framework.




Terms: Access Management System, Assertion, Attribute, Attribute Assertion, Attribute Authority, Attribute Authority Subject DN, Attribute Authority URL, Attribute Release Policy, Audit, Authentication, Authorization, Billing Contact, Certificate, Certificate Authority, Certificate Policy, Certificate Signing Request, Certification Practice Statement, Digital Signature, Directory, Distinguished Name, Domain Name, Domain Name Service, Eduorg, Eduperson, Electronic Identifier, Electronic Identity, Electronic Identity Credential, Electronic Identity Database, Enterprise Directory, Enterprise Directory Infrastructure, Federated Identity, Federation, Federation Operation Policies And Practices, Handle, Handle Service, Handle Service Subject DN, Handle Service URL, Higher Education Institution, Identity, Identity Credential, Identity Database, Identity Management System, Identity Provider, Incommon CA Root Profile, Incommon Federation, Incommon Technical Advisory Committee, Inqueue, Issuer, LDAP Directory, Liberty Alliance, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Lightweight Directory Inter-exchange Format, Metadata, Namespace, Netid, Participant, Participant Agreement, Participant Operating Practices, Privacy Policy, Profile, Public Key Cryptography, Public Key Infrastructure, Relying Party, Resource Provider, Service Provider, Shibboleth, Sponsored Partner, Support Contact, Technical Contact, Uniform Resource Identifier, Uniform Resource Locator, Uniform Resource Name, Validation