January 23, 2014 Meeting page

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  • Ann Racuya-Robbins
  • Adam Madlin
  • Cathy Tilton
  • Chan Lim
  • Eric Krum
  • Glenn Schoonover
  • Gordon Springer
  • Jerry Kickenson
  • John Stearns
  • Mark Wallace
  • Mike Garcia
  • Ryan Galluzzo
  • Sal D’Agostino
  • Seetharama Durbha
  • Steve Orrin
  • Suzanne Lightman
  • Win Baylies

Agenda 1. Roll call; Quorum determination – completed; Quorum confirmed; 12 vote eligible attendees in today’s meeting.

  • Adam shared new attendance and quorum calculation spreadsheet that he will be using to track attendance and calculate quorum and voting eligibility. Adam will post this spreadsheet online.
  • Steve Orrin requested to become a Security Committee member. Adam will have him added to the Security Committee member list. Completed.

2. IPR policy reminder -
3. Review and edit agenda
Added call for nominations for new Security Committee secretary. Will email call to committee.
4. Review, update and approve meeting notes from last meeting

  • One change was requested by Ann Racuya-Robbins, this change will be reflected in last week’s meeting notes. The requested change was to more clearly reflect her objection to the Functional Element deliverables and her submission of a minority report.
  • It is noted in these meeting notes (occurred since last meeting) that Ann has submitted a minority report, located here - (http://www.idecosystem.org/filedepot?cid=67&fid=1093) , to the functional element work that offers her opinions which vary from those submitted by the rest of the work team.
  • Meeting notes approved with these changes.

5. Review plenary breakout session

  • The committee reviewed last week’s meeting at the Atlanta plenary led by Adam, with the following highlights:
    • Reviewed workstream 1 deliverable – Functional Elements, led by Mike Garcia. Deliverables included functional element diagram, functional element matrix, and presentation. The presentation included an overview of the deliverables and initial effort to analyze several current IDESG use cases and a NSTIC pilot architecture versus this functional element model.
    • Team received positive feedback from other committees and individuals and requests to start using these deliverables in the work of other committees.
  • Discussed with the attendees Adam’s proposal to make this functional element work the basis of overall functional model effort going forward. There was no objection to this approach, and it was agreed that the Functional Model work plan will be updated to reflect this new approach.
  • In today’s committee meeting Sal D’Agostino suggested that we immediately distribute this set of deliverables in order to start getting feedback from others across the IDESG, and that we should proceed to review all additional IDESG use cases and collaborate with the Use Case AHG on this. There were several approaches shared on how this could be undertaken:
    • Complete a high level review of all use cases
    • Complete a detailed review of a few most representative use cases
    • Assign a use case to each member of the committee to complete a detailed review and then consolidate all inputs.
  • These use case reviews should be completed with a primary focus on security concerns and requirements.
  • Any review by other committees or individuals of the functional element work should be controlled and time-limited so that the process moves forward aggressively.
  • Mike Garcia agreed to create a cover page of guidelines to accompany the functional element deliverables as they are distributed. This will be available for review by 1/30. After review and finalization of these guidelines the complete package will be distributed.
  • It was also noted that this Functional Element work should be reviewed with the GTRI model as well.

6. Discuss need for Functional Model AHG

  • Adam suggested the need for a Functional Model AHG to proceed with this work so that the functional model work and the other work of the Security Committee can proceed effectively and timely. Sal believes that the functional model work is so integral to any next actions by the Security Committee that it should proceed as it’s currently, within the primary meeting of the Security Committee. No decision was made on this and will stay as is.

7. Discuss Functional Model plan

  • Adam pointed out this draft outline of aspects of an update functional model workplan. Adam will submit a new proposed workplan at the next committee meeting.

I. Complete draft Functional Element deliverable (posted to wiki here, under content)

  • Review and refine
  • Publish draft

II. Compare and gap analysis

  • Existing standards
  • NSTIC derived requirements

III. Collaborate

  • TFTM
  • Internet2 Periodic Table of Elements
  • Other committees and groups

IV. Use case analysis
V. Functional model catalogue
VI. Functional model deliverable

  • Format
  • Process
  • Other

VII. …
8. Assignments for next week
9. Other business
10. Wrap up and next actions


  • Adam to update and distribute last week’s meeting notes.
  • Adam to call for nominations for new Security Committee secretary
  • Mike Garcia to draft Functional Element deliverables review guidelines by 1/30.
  • Adam to draft updated functional model work plan by 1/30.

File:Security Committee - Func Model Meeting Notes 20140123.docx