Kantara IAF 1100

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Title: Identity Assurance Framework: Glossary

Category: Trust Framework Provider Specification

Date: 12/31/2009

Creator: Kantara Initiative

URL: http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/download/attachments/45057040/Kantara+IAF-1100-Glossary.pdf

Description: Glossary of terms used by Kantara Identity Assurance Framework.

Privacy: No stipulation.

Security: The document defines terms used in a security assurance framework.

Interoperability: No stipulation.

Terms: Accreditation, Annual Conformity Review, Applicant, Approval, Approved Encryption, Approved Service, Assertion, Assessment, Assessor, Assurance Level, Assurance Review Board, Assurance Assessment Scheme, Attack, Attribute, Audit Organization, Accreditation Applicant, Authentication, Authentication Protocol, Authorization, Bit, Certification, Claimant, Certification Body, Certified Service, Credential, Electronic Credentials, Credential Management, Credential Service, Credential Service Provider, Cryptographic Token, Electronic Credentials, Electronic Trust Service, Electronic Trust Service Provider, Federal Information Processing Standards, Federated Identity Management, Federation Operator, Grant Category, Grant (of Rights Ofuse), Grantee, Identification, Identifier, Identity, Identity Assurance Work Group, Identity Assurance Framework, Identity Authentication, Identity Binding, Identity Proofing, Identity Proofing Policy, Identity Proofing Service Provider, Identity Proofing Practice Statement, Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), Issuer, Kantara-approved Assessor, Kantara-accredited Service, Kantara Initiative Board Of Trustees, Kantara Initiative Mark, Kantara Trust Status List, Network, Password, Practice Statement, Public Key, Public Key Infrastructure, Registration, Relying Party, Role, Security, Service Assessment Criteria, Signatory, Specified Service, Subject, Subscriber, Threat, Token