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Meeting Date: March 6, 2014

Bev Corwin, Jim Fenton, Bob Pinheiro, Bryan Russell, Mike Garcia, Ryan Galluzzo, Adam Madlin, Cham Lin, Jonathan Rosenberg, Kaliya Hamlin, Robert Faron, Steve Orrin, Anne Racuya Robbins, Christopher Spottiswoode, Sal D’Agostino, Andrew Hughes, Winthrop Baylies

Meeting Notes

  • This is a joint meeting of the Security Committee and Use Case Committee intended to clarify questions that have developed during the functional element mapping exercise.
  • Use Cases
    • Questions or comments are encouraged to be submitted through the use case wiki page; the Use Case committee is also interested in adding additional use case if they are required to address the functional elements.
    • The group reviewed and discussed Use Case #1 “Device Integrity” and Use Case #4 “Cryptographic Authentication for Access to Online Resources.”
    • There appear to be differences in the way the committees define and use the term “actor”; this should be resolved or clarified to help smooth the mapping process.
    • There should be an effort made to align the use cases and their terminology with the functional elements.
    • Where possible it would be useful to have a process flow diagram for the use cases.
  • Close Out
    • When you submit questions or comments to the Use Case wiki, please send a brief notification to the use case listerv so that authors are aware that the comments or questions have been submitted.
    • Initial work on an updated version of the elements is underway; a draft will be available for the committee to review soon.
    • There was a meeting to begin planning for the Security Evaluation Methodology; the terms of reference will be drafted shortly.

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