May 22, 2014 Meeting Page

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Meeting Date: May 22, 2014


  • Cathy Tilton
  • Christopher Spottiswoode
  • Jerry Kickenstein
  • Mark Wallace
  • Mike Garcia
  • Richard O’Brien
  • Sal D’Agostino
  • Ryan Galluzo
  • Seetharama Dao Durba
  • Tom Jones

Quorum determination meeting quorate

Meeting Notes

  1. IPR policy reminder
  2. Confirm note taking volunteer - volunteer found
  3. Review agenda - agenda accepted
  4. Review meeting minutes - deferred to next week, minutes are here under Meeting pages
  5. Action item review
    • Mike distributed updated functional introduction, action complete
    • Action: Committee to review for discussion at next meeting
  6. Review Security Committee activity on dashboard
  7. Functional Model Ad Hoc Group
    • Discussed developing a picture to accompany work
    • Discussed possible use of tree diagram based on submission to list (rough drawing attached)
    • Discussion of incorporating requirements into functional model work
    • Requirements as described benefit from being down a level of NSTIC derived requirements
    • Action: Tom Jones to look to incorporate NSTIC derived requirements into requirements description
  8. Attributes Ad Hoc Group
  9. Security Committee officer elections
    • Set date and timetable
    • Put announcement out to list and use
    • Hold nominations open for 1 week (until 30 May)
    • Announce candidates (2 June)
    • Election to be held starting the end of the following week (6 June)
    • Ballot to be open until 13 June
    • Officers announced 16 June
    • Discussion of election method
      • Suggestion to use Secretariat, with members of committee voting via IDESG web site using member log-in. Standards committee finds that having Secretariat oversee election is helpful for accountability, openness and fairness
      • Agreed to use the Secretariat
    • Continue outreach for Secretary candidate
  10. Plenary update
    • Ask for volunteers to help with new member orientation
  11. Other business - none
  12. Meeting adjourned

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