Meeting notes from June 2, 2014

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Notes from June 2, 2014 Privacy Requirements Working Group Meeting

Meeting Notes

  • Privacy, Security, Standards, User Experience, met to discuss requirements coordination. Further coordination is necessary to improve workflow and output across committees.
  • No additional questions regarding the Functional Elements debrief were raised on this call.
  • NSTIC Derived Requirements
    • Sub-requirements are listed in the proposed changes column
    • Comments are notes to the team going forward about important context and reminders as we move from derived requirements toward functional requirements
    • The team discussed adherence to policies protecting identity information by third parties who may gain access to the information outside of primary transactions and services
    • The team discussed how to write requirements that cover material changes to services after an initial service agreement is established
    • Edits to requirements are included on lines 4 and 5, and line 5 also includes a proposed sub-requirement
    • The conversation covered up through Line 6 of the comment sheet, next week the conversation will continue to line 7
    • The document version as of June 2nd can be seen here


  • Naomi Lefkovitz
  • Sean Brooks
  • Ann Racuya-Robbins
  • Jim Zok
  • Jeff Brennan
  • Stuart Shapiro
  • Jim Fenton
  • David Bruggeman