Meeting notes from September 22, 2014

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9/22/14 Privacy Requirements Working Group Meeting Notes


  • Jennifer Behrens
  • Jeff Brennan
  • Sean Brooks
  • David Bruggeman
  • Jessica Esparza
  • Edmund Jay
  • Naomi Lefkovitz
  • Meichorn
  • Ann Racuya-Robbins
  • Stuart Shapiro
  • M.A. Signorino
  • Steve Stoporoff
  • Jim Zok

Meeting Notes

FTC – New Requirement Discussion

  • FTC (represented by Stoporoff) concerned with retroactive application of a new data use. Before material changes happen, consumers should have to opt-in.
  • Difference between informed and affirmative consent. Often affirmative consent requires users to opt-in or lose access. What happens if they don’t agree?
  • Will continue discussing via email for one more week. Will dedicate 10 min. of next meeting to closing discussion if necessary.

Functional Requirements Development

  • From now on Sean will send bare bones language Friday before PRWG call.
  • Should stick to language that is meaningful to the specific function. Can strike language that states the requirements with reference to that function.
  • May add more specific requirement re: data aggregation if this issue comes up in use cases.
  • Change text guidance to check marks if function does apply, NA if it doesn’t.
  • May wish to clarify boundaries between attributes and personal information at some point. May add a statement to indicate attributes we’re discussing are personal info.

Functional Requirements Edits

  • Requirement 1: All functions applicable.
  • Requirement 2: All functions applicable.
  • Requirement 5: Application NA, remaining 3 functions applicable.
  • Requirement 6: Further explanation needed (text proposed but undecided) for attribute control, attribute verification, and eligibility decision.


  • All will continue discussing FTC’s language via email
  • Will dedicate 10 min of next week’s meeting to conclude.
  • Next week will return to discussion of access and correction HL requirement for registration.
  • Sean will post meeting notes and updated document to the wiki.