October 2, 2014 Meeting Page

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Meeting Date: October 2, 2014


  • Adam Madlin
  • Adam Migus
  • Andrew Hughes
  • Ann Racuya-Robbins
  • Art Friedman
  • Bev Corwin
  • Bob Pinheiro
  • Christopher Spottiswoode
  • Joseph Stuntz
  • Linda Braun
  • Martin Smith
  • Mike Garcia
  • Paul Knight (FMO)
  • Rick O'Brien
  • Robert Faron
  • Ryan Galluzzo
  • Sal D’Agostino
  • Seetharama Durbha

Meeting Notes

  • Notes taken by Adam Migus
  1. Roll call; Quorum determination
  2. IPR policy reminder - https://www.idecosystem.org/system/files/filedepot/103/IDESG%20IPR%20Policy.pdf
  3. Agenda Review
    • reviewed without objection
  4. Management Council Update
    • Framework Management Office (FMO)
      • they exist to offer assistance and expertise to help committees with work related to the IdEF
      • dissemination of the process by which committees ask for help is forthcoming, however,
      • the committee will be aware of any request for assistance.
  5. Functional Model 2.0
    • the committee create a working group
    • the working group lead will establish the meeting schedule
    • the committee will set a deadline for the next version
    • the development plan will be posted on the Wiki
    • the above will be announced at the next Plenary
    • Work plan
      • 60 day input period
      • working group brings the result to the committee for review
      • identified need for proactive learning and feedback period to get input from other committees
      • hopefully complete by Q3 2015 or sooner
  6. Requirements Baseline Alignment Discussion
    • the maturity model is key
    • established based on good actors so that we encourage bad actors to improve


  • Adam Madlin to add “trust framework providers” to the FM 2.0 parking lot (suggested by Martin)

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