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This section contains a 'brainstorm-style' list of types of meetings and reasons for meeting that are relevant for IDESG. This list should only be constrained by relevance to IDESG work - no down-selection should occur at this time.

List of All Meeting Types

The table contains ALL meeting types, not just the types that IDESG typically uses for in-person Plenary Meetings. Once the table is populated, we will sort them by type for further discussion.

Purpose of Meeting Meeting Outcome Examples Agenda-Flow Type Types of Participants Suitable for Virtual/Remote/In-Person Ideal Frequency
The rationale to hold this kind of meeting What is anticipated from this meeting type Fixed agenda? Interactive? Discussion? Presentation? What types of participants? By role? By interest/stake? If the delivery modality is obvious state it here If there is an ideal frequency state it here
e.g. All Chairs Standing Meeting e.g. Information for Chairs to disseminate e.g. Fixed Agenda e.g. Committee leaders e.g. Virtual e.g. By-weekly
Management Council Standing Meeting
Board Meeting