Proposed Rules of Order UXC Meetings

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Proposed Rules of Order for the IDESG User Experience Committee Meetings
Meetings are bi-weekly (or weekly by agreement): Tuesdays @ 12noon ET, 9am PT

NOTE: We will strive to invoke these rules judiciously in meetings with tight schedules and/or many contributors on an "as needed" basis. The Chair will invoke use of the rules at their own discretion and in a fair manner where if invoked, we'll state such from the beginning of a meeting, or at the start of an agenda item in a meeting section needing more formal rules of order. Generally as we proceed with work, we will attempt to hold a "lighter" touch first, before invoking the need for rules.

Rules on Agenda

The agenda will sent to the listserv and posted on the UX Committee’s wiki by 3:00 p.m. EST/12:00 p.m. PST on the Friday before the following Tuesday meeting for the next meeting.

Participants may suggest items for inclusion in the agenda to the chair until 5:00 p.m. EST/2:00 p.m. PST on the Monday before the Tuesday meeting.

The agenda will include:
• Items for discussion with time blocks (i.e., Presentation on user experience research 45 minutes)
• Notice of decisions to be made at the meeting (for example, Discussion of Methodology A and Vote on Approval)

Rules of the meeting

All participants should have an opportunity to speak on a topic. To make sure that occurs, participants will:
• Ask to be recognized by the chair or vice chair by either sending a message in chat, raising hand in webinar or asking for time
• Not speak more than twice on a single topic until everyone has spoken, unless they are the presenter of a section topic or document
• Keep comments at 3 minutes or under (a representative from the Secretariat will serve as timekeeper)
• Respect the time limits on the agenda
• Discuss topics in a respectful and professional manner

If the discussion time for an agenda item is ending, a participant may request more time for the topic. The participants will vote this motion on and, if approved by a majority vote, discussion will continue. If not approved, discussion is ended.

Participants may also make a motion to continue the discussion by placing the item on a future agenda.

Decisions taken during the meetings will be done by vote of the participants and will be recorded in the minutes. Note: the agenda will note any votes that are planned.