September 17, 2014 Meeting Page

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Meeting Date: September 17, 2014 – Tampa Plenary


  • List will be documented.

Meeting Notes

  • Notes taken by Ryan Galluzzo
  • Focus of the meeting will be on the Framework Plan and Strategic Plan
  • If you would like to contribute standards for adoption, send the recommendation to the chair and leadership of the Standards Committee.
  • Mike described the process for approval of the functional model:
    • It is now a plenary document and out of the Security Committee’s hands.
    • Kim will be accepting amendments to the document on Friday.
    • Adam will be sending out a potential amendment for the committee to review, it is intended to address the health care committee’s concerns over accountability.
    • The committee will review the proposed modification tonight and discuss tomorrow via list serve or during one of the meetings.
  • Jack provided a high level overview of the framework plan.
  • There was significant discussion around how standards and requirements relate, and this needs further clarification in the Framework Development plan.
  • Jack also suggested taking the functional model and having the committee ensure it is consistent with the “plan” that they produced.
  • Jack stated that the current requirements development approach in use by the committee is aligned with the Framework Dev Plan.
  • Gaining approval of the standards adoption policy should be a high priority for the standards committee since all standards adoption is dependent upon having this in place; the Security Committee will still seek to recommend standards, but until the SAP is approved that will be a secondary priority to a (still a priority, Just not the top priority)