TFTM Action Items and Decisions Log

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Open Action Items

Running list of action items arising from TFTM Committee meetings. Reviewed on each call.

Note: Closed Action Items are located here.

AI # Action Item Description + Status Updates Assigned To Due Date Closed
2013-06-12-001 Provide more information about FiXs (Federated Identity Credentialling System) for Trust Framework collection. W. Blasjo 5 July 2013
2013-06-12-003 Do ‘trust commonalities’ analysis of existing TFs and CAs
26June: Kickoff meeting scheduled.
D. Coxe, R. Furr, R. Kimble, NPO In Progress
2013-06-26-002 Curry to provide Furr a list of the relevant international and National standards that might have impact on the IDESG work. P. Curry COB 28 June 26, 2013
2013-08-28-001 Secretariat to inform TFTM of process for by-election K. Chopard-Cohen 12 September 2013
2013-08-28-002 Updated TFTM Charter to be circulated for TFTM ratification A. Hughes 12 September 2013
2013-08-28-003 Joe Grubbs has offered to provide output materials from CSDII NSTIC Pilot - discussion required to receive and store. A. Hughes 12 September 2013
2013-08-28-004 Scott David recommends review of Ronit and Porter paper on the Stages of Rule Setting. Obtain distributable copy for TFTM reading. A. Hughes 12 September 2013
2013-09-12-001 J. Suess will confirm with Secretariat/Management Council and forward the updated charter document. J. Suess 25 September 2013
2013-09-12-002 A. Hughes to post link to NIST blog entry on NSTIC Requirements Analysis A. Hughes 13 September 2013

TFTM Decisions

A list of decisions made by the TFTM Committee.