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Committee Charter

TFTM Committee Charter Adopted by the Plenary on June 14, 2013

Committee Objectives

The TFTM Objectives as stated in the Charter:

  • provide a forum for trust framework representatives and other interested parties to address the goal described by NSTIC and the IDESG to establish the Identity Ecosystem Framework
  • develop and manage a trustmark (TM) program that recognizes entities that comprise Identity Ecosystems that adopt the NSTIC guiding principles into their policies and practices.

TFTM Assumptions and Implications

These assumptions and implications related to the work of IDESG and the TFTM were developed and accepted by the TFTM.

From the vision - existing Trust Framework providers are today supporting choice, innovation, community confidence but may be missing other characteristics deemed important - how does NSTIC bring them in (this has work committee and plenary implications):

  • The TFTM will propose a trust scheme, founded upon the NSTIC Guiding principles, to the plenary that considers full accreditation and certification, as well as alternative accreditation mechanisms based on what the market would adopt and that would expand the reach of the IDESG (e.g. self-attestation, compliance review, full certification)
  • The TFTM will propose an approach and mechanism to discover, qualify and recognize trust frameworks, trusted identity solutions and participants in the Identity Ecosystem that are aligned with the NSTIC Guiding Principles