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Template:TFTMNavBar Template:TFTMDRAFT This wiki section will hold the Project Management-Lite artifacts, including high level schedules, work breakdowns, terms of reference for deliverables, and other work-tracking-planning material.

The pages are not locked down - please edit only if you check in with the TFTM leaders first.

High Level Work Plan and Schedule

To be refined as deliverables and effort estimates are defined. Shows the streams of work in the TFTM.

Deliverables Lists

This section contains lists of potential deliverables of the TFTM. The lists should be cross-linked to the actual work spaces for the specific deliverable.

Work Breakdown Structure

A high level breakdown of the major deliverables and first level of activities required to develop them. Used to organize resource assignments and helps to elaborate the work schedule.

Deliverables Work Spaces

Spaces for each of the deliverables. The resources assigned to a deliverable can use these spaces to store works in progress and other supporting material such as meeting schedules, agendas, task lists.

Work Space for TFTM 01-02 TFTM01-02Drafts

PM Tracking Space

A space for keeping track of the work streams and deliverables progress. Intended to be extremely lightweight and used to report up to higher-order dashboards.