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The User Experience Committee Resource Catalogue

This Catalogue includes resources we believe may be helpful, though we do not endorse them now or as they change in the future, as we do not control these resources. They are simply listed for reference in order to share resources with others less familiar with UX and Usability discipline. These cited references are here for illustrative purposes and are not meant to be prescriptive; they should be used based upon what fits particular circumstances.

UX Best Practices

UX Authors, Books, and their Websites

UX and Usability Organizations

UX Periodicals

UX Projects

Government UX Resources

United States

United Kingdom

UK Government Services Design Manual includes standards and user evaluation from planning, initial design, alpha/beta releases and ongoing development

European Union

British Columbia

UX & Accessibility

Usability Guidance for Identity Services

Usability Studies in Privacy, Security, Identity, etc.

Submitting a Resource to the UXC

If you have a resource link that you would like considered for this page, please submit your request with subject line: UXC Resource Page suggestion
to: help@idesg.org or join our UXC group. Information about joining IDESG is here: http://www.idesg.org/Membership/Become-a-Member. Join the org, sign the IPR and then join the UXC maillist which will be available in the 'members only' section.